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Are you suffering from a personal injury?

William Cain’s personal injury practice caters to the needs of individuals who have been involved in an accident that causes some type of harm. It typically involves physical harm, but can also involve mental or emotional harm. In addition, clients can also receive compensation for damage to their personal property. Most personal injury cases involve auto accidents, which can result in serious injuries that can affect families and individuals for a lifetime.

The attorneys involved in a personal injury case must focus on illustrating the cause of the accident, who is at fault and various types of damages in order to be successful in representing their client.

Injury from a Dog Bite

William Cain provides legal representation for a variety of civil claims, including breach of contract claims, equitable claims, injunctions/restraining orders, fraud, lost profits, slip and fall cases, defamation, and general negligence.


Personal injury rules apply in circumstances where someone behaves in a careless manner and it causes harm to another person. For example, auto accidents, slip and fall incidents, truck accidents are among several types of cases. Insurance companies will often attempt to settle your case for less than you deserve by offering you a quick payout before knowing the full extent of your injuries. It is crucial to understand the importance of hiring an attorney in a personal injury case. An attorney will maximize the value of your case by utilizing the skills necessary to deal with large and powerful insurance companies. This translates to more money for your injuries.

Intentional Acts

Personal injury laws may also apply in situations where a defendant’s intentional conduct causes harm to someone else. Examples of this include assault, fraud, property damage, and other intentional torts. In these situations, an attorney is necessary to protect your rights and insure that you are compensated to the full extent of the law.

Breach of Contract

Individuals and businesses alike can fall victim in many situations to breach of contract. In Tennessee, a plaintiff in a breach of contract claim is responsible for showing the existence of a valid contract, evidence of some nonperformance of that contract, and damages caused by the breach of contract. It is invaluable to have representation from an experienced attorney when facing these issues, whether or not you are an individual or a business.


In Tennessee defamation applies when one party damages the character or reputation of another party. In order to be successful in a defamation claim the Plaintiff must show that the statement was false, that the statement caused actual harm, and that the statement was made with negligence for failing to ascertain the truth or with disregard for the truth of the statement.

So whether you are facing a personal injury involving an accident or you are made victim to a civil injustice involving an intentional act, defective product, defamation, general negligence, breach of contract, fraud, or other civil claim of action you can find the experienced, dedicated legal help you deserve right here with William Cain.

We will work at the forefront of disputes between injured parties and those accused of causing that injury. We will collect and verify the details of the claim filed and ascertain the nature and extent of your damages to be able to determine the most deserving compensation that will be awarded.

We are ready to listen to you about your personal injury case and dedicated to understanding your situation, needs, and goals. At every step, you can count on us to be approachable, responsive, and efficient, communicating with you throughout your case to keep you informed of your rights and what to expect in your case.

We understand that your rights, your financial well-being, and your future could all be at stake. If you can prove liability and damages, our system of justice will award you with a well-deserving compensation for your loss.

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Tennessee has laws on how long a person has to file a case with the courts after suffering from an injury. In general, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is one year, which means you have one year from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit. Once this time passes, courts will likely refuse to hear your case. Contact us via our online form to get your personal injury case started before it is too late.

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